Brick & Paver Levelling/repairs

Rapid response paving lift and relay service – minimising your trip hazard risk

Having a smooth flat surface to walk on is something we all take for granted, and brick pavers, clay pavers or paving slabs create a smooth, durable and long-life solution for pathways.   Nevertheless, over time and with wear, pavers can become loose, chip, sink or even be pushed upwards by tree roots creating potentially dangerous trip hazards and areas where water puddles.

As part of the full suite of car park maintenance services on offer at Viking Linemarking and Hotmix Paving Services, you can confidently let us take care of your paver repairs and resurfacing.  The dynamic professionals at Viking Linemarking and Hotmix Paving Services are always around when you need us and can be on site within 48 hours to inspect your job.

Viking Linemarking and Hotmix Paving Services are the people to call when the job is small, so even if it’s just a few pavers that need levelling, some bollards that need installing or some new signage that needs to be fitted you can rely on us to get the job done swiftly, effectively and with minimum fuss.

Brick paver lift, level and relaying service

When you are managing a busy shopping centre, office, retirement or leisure complex, we know that taking a pavement or walkway out of use can cause huge disruption, so our responsive team will work to your schedule, day or night, to ensure your day to day operations run smoothly.  

Our paver repair and re-levelling service includes


Lifting and removing the existing pavers


Relevelling and preparing the base


Replacing any broken or damaged pavers


Applying pave lock to secure the pavers


Relaying your existing pavers

Viking Linemarking and Hotmix Paving Services has a reputation for reliability and excellence; all of our operatives are highly trained and experienced and work to our exacting quality standards.  We are so proud of our attention to detail, workmanship and finishing that we photograph every job so you can see the quality for yourself, without even leaving your office – how’s that for convenience.

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As Adelaide’s most responsive bitumen contractor you can rely on us to be on site within 48 hours to inspect your job

To find out more or discuss your car park maintenance needs call the professionals at Viking Linemarking and Hot Mixing Paving Services and on 0402 846 933

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